Hey friends,

The Southampton SuperPod is edging ever closer, in fact now we can say that it’s THIS MONTH! Things are coming along pretty darn well, lots of podcasts have signed up and people are starting to take an interest.

There are, however, a few other things we’d love to sort out before the event arrives.  And we’re hoping that you may be able to help out.

Firstly we need to get the word out to as many people as possible, so if you’re able to tell all your friends/colleagues/media contacts/neighbours/passers-by that’d be greatly appreciated. We’d also love to get some posters up around the place, so if you’re in a position to help get some printed and/or distributed please do get in touch. If you want something to put up in your window or a local noticeboard, you can print off the poster we’ve designed for just such places.

We also need a speaker set-up to allow our live audience to be able to hear our music and phone callers. Nothing too loud, mind, the hotel won’t be wanting us disturbing the whole building! So if you have a solution that we could borrow for the weekend, or you know someone who might, please let us know.

Finally we need some volunteers to keep Al company as he holds things together overnight! While there will be a variety of podcasts at the venue during the day there’s no plans to have live shows in the room overnight, these will be done via Skype from all over the world in conjunction with Al in the room. So, to keep Al awake and entertained, he’d like someone there with him. It can be one person or several, for the long haul or in shifts. If you’re able to donate some time then he’ll be very thankful.

If you’re unable to offer your time or services for anything above, but still want to help out, then you can check out the GoFundMe we’ve started. This is to cover the costs of getting some SuperPod branding in the room for the event, and to promote it beforehand if possible. It’s only a small amount but would really help things out. If we somehow raise more than our target then the rest will go into kicking off the Comic Relief fundraising (which you can also donate to directly here).


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