About the Super-Pod

The Southampton Super-Pod was a 36 hour live podcast in March 2017. Super-Pod brought together several great local podcasts for this live spectacular show in aid of Comic Relief.

There were live versions of different podcasts throughout the 36 hours, interspersed with moments of chaos, unexpected singing, interviews and a whole lot of fun.

Joining us in some capacity¬†were the Dead Piett Society, Gallifrey Stands, Stacey’s Pop Culture Parlour, The Dredgeland Podcast Spectacular, Nintendo Podcast System, 2 Grown Men, Nerd vs World, Smorgasbored, Vanderhoff & Co, the AhhGee Podcast,¬†We Are Not Here To Please You, My Thing Can Beat Your Thing, Aussie & The Pom, Legend in my Sparetime and more!

You can listen back to all the main shows by heading over to the “Listen to SuperPod 2017” page.


We’re indebted to the De Vere Grand Harbour Hotel in Southampton who were generous enough to host us for the weekend, giving us complementary use of one of their meeting rooms.

We’d also like to thank the fine folks at Mixlr who were our online broadcast platform, providing us with the ability to stream live to the whole world. And that included TuneIn, who accepted us onto their platform and helped us get on internet radios across the globe.

Even though the event is now over you can check us out on twitter (@sotonsuperpod) and join in the discussion about our great podcasts.

Who knows, maybe we’ll be back in 2019 with SuperPod 2: Electric Boogaloo.