Spotlight: Smorgasbored

3 MORE SLEEPS! Yes, just another 3 short sleeps and the SuperPod will be upon us. Today we’re taking a look at another of Sunday’s Skype shows, it’s… SMORGASBORED! What’s the show about? Well, like the name suggests, our show can be about anything and everything, as I (Pete D. Gaskell) round up a number […]

Spotlight: Legend in my Sparetime

Oh my, just how close is the SuperPod!? VERY! So let’s take a look at one of the shows who will be Skyping into the show from South Wales… LEGEND IN MY SPARETIME! Legend In My Sparetime debuted in 2009 when host Matt Lees wanted to jump on the podcast bandwagon. As an independent musician […]

Spotlight: Vanderhoff & Co

It’s just 4 (FOUR) days until the SuperPod! And capping off day one of our podcasting extravaganza is a videogame double bill that kicks off with… VANDERHOFF & CO! Vanderhoff & Co is three guys, who were all new to podcasting when they started the show three years ago. Stefan – The producer and stealer of […]

Spotlight: Geeky Brummie

It’s getting really, and I mean REALLY close to SuperPod O’Clock! With just a few days until we are blasting into your earholes let’s take another look at one of our featured podcasts… THE GEEKY BRUMMIE! The show, which is heading into it’s second year, is spearheaded by the Geeky Brummie Ryan Parish, a lifelong […]

Spotlight: The AhhGee Podcast

With just over a week until the SuperPod hits the air it’s time to take another look at one of our featured podcasts. And this time it’s… THE AHHGEE PODCAST! Team AhhGee are two gentle fellows, Andy Harland and Michael Bell (of the Internet). They want to spread love, peace and joy to the world, […]

Spotlight: The Dead Piett Society

Let’s take another look at one of the shows who will be joining us on the Saturday morning… THE DEAD PIETT SOCIETY The Society is made up of married couple Al & Kitty along with their friends Ed & JP. Each week they discuss the oddest news stories as well as skimming the surface of […]

Spotlight: Stacey’s Pop Culture Parlour

It’s time for our second in depth look at one of our featured podcasters. This time it’s the turn of… STACEY’S POP CULTURE PARLOUR! Stacey, unsurprisingly enough, is the host of Stacey’s Pop Culture Parlour. She loves comics, movies, TV, books, food, laughing, music, collecting Funko Pop figures like a mad old hoarder and talking! […]

We need YOU!

Hey friends, The Southampton SuperPod is edging ever closer, in fact now we can say that it’s THIS MONTH! Things are coming along pretty darn well, lots of podcasts have signed up and people are starting to take an interest. There are, however, a few other things we’d love to sort out before the event […]

Spotlight: The Dredgeland Podcast Spectacular

As we get closer to our epic weekend of podcasting we will be taking a closer look at the shows you’ll be able to listen to. And first up is… THE DREDGELAND PODCAST SPECTACULAR Lunatic comedy double act DredgeLand – aka John Dredge and Andy Harland – have been podcasting together for a year, although […]