The Dead Piett Society is a podcast that looks at the weirdest news from the previous week and we play […]
On the Saturday of SuperPod 2020 we did a little One Show ripoff, with guests, interviews, music and more. Al […]
Kicking off SuperPod 2020 with a Sporting Myth Special, join the Fake News Podcast with Al Galpin & Doctor Squee as they check out the truth behind some amazing sporting stories.
8-10:32pm The final couple of hours of SuperPod didn’t exactly go according to plan, however there was a lot of […]
6-8pm – Sunday Pete Gaskell oversees a ragtag group of podcasters as they discuss weird news, try to talk at […]
4-6pm – Sunday A show all about Southampton itself, we discussed what we love about the city, where’s good to […]
Time again for a fundraising update and review of the day ahead.
5-10am – Sunday Al is still going, somehow, and is now joined by his Dead Piett Society co-host JP and […]
12am-4am – Sunday Join Al as he manages to ramble his way through the night on his own. Well, almost. […]
Another between show fundraising update, this time Al talks to Nick & James from 2 Grown Men about how they […]