SuperPod: Charity Podcast Festival
SuperPod: Charity Podcast Festival
The Dead Piett Society

The Dead Piett Society is a podcast that looks at the weirdest news from the previous week and we play games to see who can tell made up facts from the freaky truth. They’re family friendly, not too serious and completely unprofessional.  And for SuperPod they dragged themselves out of retirement for one more charity gig. Join Al, Ed and Doctor Squee for an hour of live fun!

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Stories Discussed:

1 – US porn sites seeing growing interest in users searching for coronavirus-related content –  LINK

2 – Putting potatoes up your butt won’t cure hemorrhoids, doctors warn – LINK

3 – Swiss town may have to evacuate for more than a decade over World War II weapons cache – LINK

4 – Florida police department offers to test your recreational drugs for coronavirus – LINK

5 – Doctors Report The First Known Case of a Person Who Urinates Alcohol – LINK

6 – Zamboni driver wins first NHL game after being tapped as emergency goalie – LINK