The Dead Piett Society

The Dead Piett Society is a podcast that looks at the weirdest news from the previous week and we play games to see who can tell made up facts from the freaky truth. They’re family friendly, not too serious and completely unprofessional.¬† And for SuperPod they dragged themselves out of retirement for one more charity […]

The SuperPod Show

On the Saturday of SuperPod 2020 we did a little One Show ripoff, with guests, interviews, music and more. Al hosts, along with Sonar TV’s Rachel Dicker, as they talk to Scott Summers from the Solent Softball League, Clare Kiely from Comic Relief and hear live music from Matt Lees! Solent Softball League on Twitter:¬† […]

Ministry of Swooping

Kicking off SuperPod 2020 with a Sporting Myth Special, join the Fake News Podcast with Al Galpin & Doctor Squee as they check out the truth behind some amazing sporting stories.

The Final 2 and a half hours

8-10:32pm The final couple of hours of SuperPod didn’t exactly go according to plan, however there was a lot of fun chat and excitement when the crew hit their fundraising target.


6-8pm – Sunday Pete Gaskell oversees a ragtag group of podcasters as they discuss weird news, try to talk at length about random subjects and so many other things besides.

THE Southampton SuperPod

4-6pm – Sunday A show all about Southampton itself, we discussed what we love about the city, where’s good to eat and went over some of the local events in April.

The SuperPod Breakfast Show

5-10am – Sunday Al is still going, somehow, and is now joined by his Dead Piett Society co-host JP and Stacey for hours worth of random chat and the worst travel updates you’ve ever heard.


12am-4am – Sunday Join Al as he manages to ramble his way through the night on his own. Well, almost. Jack & Sam stick around to give Al a go on the Nintendo Switch while a talented singer comes up to sing a little R Kelly.

Crossover/Catchup #2

Another between show fundraising update, this time Al talks to Nick & James from 2 Grown Men about how they got started with podcasting.